GeoTagging and Monitoring of NEC/MDoNER funded Projects/schemes in NE region using Geospatial Technology and Tools is one of the unique initiatives of NESAC sponsored by NEC/MDoNER. Total 588 projects spreading in 1664 project sites are being mapped and monitored using the smart Mobile App with higher positional accuracy which enables the visualization of the project sites over time-series satellite images for evaluation of the implementation process. The entire evaluation and monitoring mechanism process has been automated with a lot of innovative tools and services to bring more transparency into the monitoring and evaluation system. With the launch of the NEC/MDoNER project monitoring application, it has been observed the speedy implementation of the projects including the remotest corner of the region, proper utilization and funds, and timely submission of utilization certificate (UC) for the overall growth of the region.

Smart App for Geotagging and Analytics

  • Smart Mobile Application integrated with GPS-aided GEO augmented navigation (GAGAN)/Navigation with Indian Constellation (NaVIC) Technology to geotag the project sites with higher positional accuracy.
  • The App has inbuilt dashboard based analytics overlaid on top of the high-resolution satellite imagery for better visualization and monitoring of project sites.
  • Find near-by project locations in real-time mode.

Integrated Dashboard for Project Monitoring in Real Time

  • Check visual progress of the project sites using time-series high-resolution satellite images along with the geotagged field photos
  • Ability to integrate High Resolution 2D/3D Drone images/model/videos for select project locations
  • Geo-analytical tools, Smart Querying via Multi-Filtering and reporting mechanism.
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/3D Technology for quantifying the progress of the major project sites using time-series Drone imagery.

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